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Contact: Mili Mora
E-mail :
Address: 45 Williams Ave.Suite B
San Francisco, CA-94124
Tele/Fax: 415 671 3804

To place an Order:
Scroll down to the relevant page under “On Line Work Orders’’ and Submit

Pick Up Hot Line: 415 652 8652

Pick Up & Delivery

We use Eco- Friendly methods of packaging to reduce your cost of Packaging and to lessen the burden on Planet Earth.

Simple! We will even dash across the waters to answer your call to pick up and Deliver on time.

Our Pick Up & Delivery Guarantee! Within the City of San Francisco, if we do not Pick Up under 45 minutes after a call to Pick Up a job and Deliver by the time we have promised to Deliver, we will not charge you for this service.


San Francisco City and County Human Rights Commission MBE Certification # HRC 061015115

State of California Small Business SBE Certification #0045775