Yes V Can was established in February, 2009 in the city and county of San Francisco during the peak of the worst U.S. recession in modern history. Our founder thus hit the road to provide printing services to the construction industry, which was the most affected during the recession. We prevailed under trying economic conditions to complete 10 years of service to San Francisco.

He migrated to San Francisco in 2006.In Sri Lanka he was a professional Tea Taster(Tea Sommelier) for 10 years and then in 1989 he embarked upon a new carrier in the Textiles and Apparel manufacturing industry until his arrival in the US.

At a time that another global recession is looming ahead of us for a different reason, he again hits the road to service the even worse affected health care industry. He was deeply moved by reading many social media posts by health care professionals, ranging from nurses to doctors, as well as what is written by their loved ones in the U.S. lamenting on the lack of masks and gloves in the frontlines. He sprang into action. This time it is to help to take care of lives during this pandemic to render logistic support to ensure critical supplies are adequately available to both professionals and the general public alike.

Milindha Morahela, the founder and owner of Yes V Can has 30 years of experience in textile and apparel manufacturing and sourcing in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong ,Thailand, Singapore, China, Turkey, UK, Japan, Dubai, Sarjah & Germany. Our team shares the same level of experience sourcing and producing apparel for some of the most renowned clothing brands in the world. These include: such as Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant, GAP, Banana Republic, British Home Stores (BHS), NAF NAF, J.C Penney, Sears, Van Heusen, Pierre Cardin, Harrod’s, Anthropologie, Abercrombie & Fitch, Limited, Saville Row, Marks & Spencer, Woolworths, M.E Sport, C&A, etc.. Therefore, we decided to utilize over 60 years of combined experience and extensive connections to produce and source the finest quality masks as well as other products needed by the health care industry during this pandemic.

Milindha .Morahela at the “Open Door Legal”fund raising Gala-2018 where he was featured as a Client & Donor.

“In a conventional war, any Army’s front line soldiers are a nation’s Heroes. In this Corona Virus war threatening all humanity, the front line Health Care workers are everyone’s HEROES!” Milindha

Their lives must be protected. Yes V Can has stepped up to the plate to do just that!

We Must!

We Can!

We Will!



Provide supremely high quality guaranteed products to safeguard the health of our customers.

Nothing is more important to us than our customers’ safety.

Customer service is very serious business for us at YES V CAN!


Filter & Protection

Our high quality masks KN 95 & N95 snugs around the nose and mouth. It protects and prevents airborne particles from entering through the edges.

Flexibility & Comfort

With an invisible Magic Nose Clip in N96 and a visible Metal nose adjuster/clip on the N95 & KN95 gives unlimited flexibility and comfort you need. The Elastic bands are strong and tested to withstand multiple pulls.They are fastened to the sides with smooth staple edges that does not scratch the skin.

Production & Quality Control

The Videos below will give you a preview of our production facility.The Masks are subjected to highest ISO Quality standards and quality control inspections.

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