Bulk Mail

  • Construction 30 Day Notices (only $ 0.025/each 8.5'x 11'' page per print)
  • City Surveys
  • Home Owner Association Notices and Accounts
  • Artists' Exhibition Invitations
  • Product /Sales Promotional Material

We are vertical ! Entrust the entire job to us from printing to mailing:

  • Pick Up Originals
  • Get proofs approved
  • Print &Fold
  • Insert material into Envelopes
  • Mail merge addresses
  • Print Labels
  • Imprint Permit instead of Stamps
  • Deliver to the business mailing unit of the Post Office

Use our City and State LBE/MBE/SBE Certification Rates for your next RFQ/RFP on City or State Contracts to achieve the Minority Participation Goals and win contracts.

With our First Class and Standard Mailing PERMIT rates you save on postage. Save your time for your core business activities.

So try Yes V Can for your next Bulk Mailing. You will be a lot happier!