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In this very competitive business environment contracts are won or lost on a mere difference of $ 1000.00.We have added this services to our portfolio for you to take advantage of it and save on costs and utilize your precious time on the core activities of the profession or business to generate more winning solutions for your company.

We are compliant and work with the following software solutions:
aSa , Auto Cad , STRATKON and MultiRebar

Structural Design & Analysis
Our professional service cover Residential, Simple Re-Modeling of Homes and Rooms to mega Commercial or Industrial structures.(RCC/Rebar/Structural; Steel & Timber)

Rebar Detailing
Reinforced concrete detailing and scheduling in different formats required by various codes of practices.

Rebar Estimating
Leave it to us to do your Rebar quantities and tonnage including accessories to comply to CRSI codes of standard practice.

It's Virtual With in house Reprographics services and the ReproMax web based On Line Drawing and Document management facility to view and print your most current drawings from the comfort of your Office and Project site you are good to go with Yes V Can!